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ANS Surveys

The Spiritual in the Voice Studio III is now underway!

In an effort to get up-to-date information about the challenges voice students and teachers face when attempting to add Negro spirituals to their repertoire, we ask voice students, vocal teachers and coaches, professional singers, and other musicians who have studied vocal music privately to complete the following survey. We are looking for the views of a wide range of singers, whether they have no exposure to spirituals or they have extensive experiences with the genre.

The survey is related to settings of spirituals for solo voice only (not choral music) and takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete (the time needed to complete it depends upon the degree of detail you submit in the comments). We ask that you complete the survey only once and that you not begin the survey until you have the time to complete it. If you have taken Surveys I and II, please feel free to take advantage of this expanded survey to not only express your opinion but to explain your responses.


If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Randye Jones at

The First Surveys

The first survey was open from November 18, 2002, until January 18, 2003. The results have been analyzed and are now formatted into an Adobe .pdf document. To view the document, click on the link below:

The survey results may be viewed by clicking this link.

The second survey was completed on April 30, 2004. The results are currently being analyzed and will be available on this page when the document is completed.

For more information about The Art of the Negro Spiritual project, please email or call 202-904-3635.

Thank you for your interest in The Art of the Negro Spiritual. Other research by Randye Jones is featured at Afrocentric Voices in Classical Music.

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